Car Rent Prague

Car Rent Prague

LCAR car rental in Prague offers to our clients long-term car rent (from 4 days more) at advantageous price conditions. Our cars technical shape is always at 100%, which we guarantee to you primarily thanks to our own service, where we don´t need to save money. We appreciate our clients, so we don´t uselessly limit them with travelled kilometers (miles), that they can drive with a car. So, you don´t have to worry about increasing price like in other car rentals in Prague. Our prices for car rent are shown clearly and finally. Our experience and long-term practice are addressing that. For more information, send us your request or just call us. We are here for you!

offer our car rental

Skoda Fabia 2

from 300 CZK / day

Skoda Fabia 2 Combi

from 330 CZK / day

Skoda Octavia 2

from 450 CZK / day

Skoda Octavia 2 Combi

from 480 CZK / day

Of course, you will find another cars in our car rental. Look at cars we offer to you in pricelist..

Why choose our car rental?

autopůjčovna Praha - neomezené kilometry

300 km/day

You have 300km/day for free. Above the limit of 3 CZK/km.

autopůjčovna Praha - pojištění vozidel


You are safe with us. Every car has required third-party and collision insurance.

autopůjčovna Praha - zkušenosti


Our experience and long-term practice addressing that. You are dealing with the real professionals in the car rental branch.

autopůjčovna Praha - ani o korunu navíc

Any more charges

You won´t find any hidden charges at our car rental. Our offers even agreements are clear and transparent.

autopůjčovna Praha - zabezpečení vozidel


Our cars are regularly maintained and you don’t have to worry about safety.

autopůjčovna Praha - GPS navigace

GPS navigation

From being lost in city or while travelling abroad, GPS navigation will help you, which we will gladly rent to you.

Car rental for business clients

škoda superb

Do you need for yourself or your employees a representative car and don´t want to waste hundreds of thousands? So, don’t buy them and rent them at our car rental. Between our clients you can find also businessmen, which don’t use car whole year or they financial situation won´t let them to so, here is our car rental where you can rent a car which solves this problem.

You won´t save only money on purchasing a car, but also on maintenance. Our vehicle fleet is always in the best possible condition. Devote fully to your own business and stuff around cars let to do us.

Look at our offer of our vehicles and you will see, that LCAR Car Rent in Prague is the right place, where you can rent a solid car.

Car rental for regular clients

škoda superb

Are you a part of car accident and need another car for transporting e.g. kids to school? Call us! If you are victim of a car accident, we will rent you a car while yours will be repaired for FREE! We will get all necessary things done with the insurance company, so you don’t have to waste your time.

Are you planning holidays in Croatia e.g., but you are afraid, if you will arrive all right with your car? Don’t risk spoilt holidays and prefer to rent a car from us, that you can trust to. Troubles, that might come to you in case of failure of your car could be fatal for your holidays. We service our vehicles ourselves and that’s why they are always in the best technical shape.

If you need car for any reason, contact us.

Long-term rent

škoda superb combi

In our LCAR Car Rental in Prague, we offer to our clients by reason of improving quality of our services only long-term rent. That already starts at 4 days. Although we try our clients to limit as little as possible, believe it that decision is better for our long-term clients. Thanks to limitations of short rents, we can offer our services, so they could be cheaper and with better quality. On the other hand we offer you advantageous weekend rent where is 1 day plus for FREE as a bonus.

Our car rental is located in Prague in district Krč. By mobile arrangement you can take a look at our vehicle fleet. Just call us on number +420 603 460 802 and arrange you a personal meet. Of course we could deliver or take off a car around Prague, that service use our clients too. There is also a possibility to deliver/take off a car on Václav Havel Airport.